Low energy solar display house

Low energy solar display house

A few years ago, the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) saw a need for a local example of an environmentally sustainable home. The aim was to create a home that could assist in educating people of design and material options when choosing to renovate or build their homes.

It could also be a beacon for people who design, approve and build homes, by showing that homes and gardens built to include sustainable features can be comfortable and stylish, and cost less to run over time.

Local builder Trevor Butcher offered MASG a new house as an educational display home and using the conceptual work of local designers Lifehouse Design, the display house became a reality.

The home features north facing windows, double glazing, solar hot water and PV roof panels, water efficiency and recycling measures, including water efficient planting and surfaces in the garden, cross flow ventilation and a range of products and building techniques providing more sustainable options.

In the visitor’s book, one comment states, “Gives great ideas to first home builders like us”.

More than 2,000 people from across the region inspected the house. Thirty-five MASG members acted as volunteer house guides every weekend over nine months and a series of workshops focusing on sustainability were held at the house.

Many local trades, suppliers and professionals were keen to be part of the project offering their products, services and ideas, often as sponsors.

The education program based around the house was funded through a grant to MASG from the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund. It was a truly collaborative effort.

“Some 80 per cent of visitors indicated in a survey that their views on sustainable living would be influenced by what they saw and learned,” said MASG Chair Bronwen Machin.

“This was exactly the result that we hoped to achieve.”

For further information contact MASG on (03) 5470 6978 or email info@masg.org.au