Connecting Country

Connecting Country

Connecting Country is a unique landscape scale project that aims to increase, enhance and restore biodiversity across Mount Alexander Shire. It is being run by the community and involves a wide range of groups and agencies.

By collecting and collating knowledge and information about the natural landscape in the Mount Alexander region, this project sets out to inform and encourage new ways for this community to live compatibly within that landscape.

Underpinning the research is the belief that the social and built community of the future is co-dependent on the survival of a diverse and resilient natural landscape.

The project has recevied funding from both the Victorian and Commonwealth Government (Caring for our Country). 

To guide its work, the project produced a Biodiversity Blueprint for the region that has identified assets, the possible threats they face and what future actions can be taken. It suggests directions, clarifies priorities in landscape restoration and helps to reconcile cultural, agricultural and natural values.

For further information contact Connecting Country on (03) 5472 1594 or email