Climate Change and Business Conference

The 6th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference will be held in Sydney from 10 to 12 August. This conference brings together business leaders and policymakers from both Australia and New Zealand to facilitate taking action on climate change.

The 2010 conference will focus on business and Local Government providing leadership in a time of policy uncertainty. Key themes include:

  • latest ideas on how key business sectors can reduce emissions
  • case studies of Local Government action
  • how to leverage investment in low emissions technology
  • emerging policy settings beyond price mechanisms
  • international policy developments and their potential impact on our region
  • adapting to climate change exemplified by some best practice
  • case studies
  • practical learnings from New Zealand’s implementation of an emissions trading scheme (ETS)
  • the politics of climate change here and abroad
  • communicating climate change to the public.

The event will include an exhibition themed around the conference program.

The conference is organised by the Climate Change & Business Centre and Point Carbon, with the support of business groups, NGOs and government agencies in five countries. The 2010 conference has the NSW Government as Foundation Sponsor.

For further information visit or call Elizabeth Edmonds on 0413 439 573.