Books to talk about on City of Melbourne’s website

The City of Melbourne’s Library Service is going digital with the addition of downloadable audiobooks to its suite of book borrowing services.

The installation of OverDrive software to the library website has provided the technological means for library members to download and borrow library audiobooks online.

Chair of People and Creative Committee, Councillor Jennifer Kanis, said the addition of downloadable audiobooks to the Melbourne Library Service is an effective response to meet the changing needs of library users.

“Libraries have always taken up the role of providing learning resources to the community – whether during digital or non digital times,” Councillor Kanis said.

“Because the community now finds itself living within an increasingly digital world, it is relevant that the Melbourne Library Service continues to investigate new technologies to respond to the shift in borrowing patterns.

“Downloadable audiobooks are advantageous to many library users as they increase accessibility to resources, while also being extremely convenient.

“No longer are library members limited by library opening hours.”

Library members now have the option to download and listen to books 24/7, from any location – all they need is a Melbourne Library membership and a computer with internet access.

Once downloaded, digital titles can be enjoyed on the computer, transferred to a supported device like an MP3 player or IPOD, or burned to CD.

Die to copyright issues, lenders are asked to delete or destroy all copies of the title, including those transferred to portable devices and other media, at the end of the lending period.

To make the process of downloading digital books even easier, the Library Service held a series of short information sessions at its various sites. A guided online tour is also available.

New digital titles are added to the collection on a regular basis with some of the more popular audiobooks including inflight language guides, modern day fictions and literary classics.

For more information visit the Melbourne Library Service website at