Regional business clusters secure economic futures

Blue Mountains City Council hosted the first ‘Better Future Economic Development Forum’ in July 2008.

The forum brought together over 100 stakeholders from business, education, the arts and government to tackle the challenges confronting the economic future of the City.

The Better Future Economic Development Forum addressed current and future directions and frameworks for achieving economic sustainability in the region.

The Forum program included a keynote address by the internationally renowned economist, Professor Edward Blakely, and five case studies of successful local economic development.

A number of economic initiatives were considered, including home based business opportunities, regional business hubs, business cluster development and attracting compatible development with a World Heritage environment.

Publish! Blue Mountains, the first regional business cluster, was launched in 2009 as a non profit association to develop a local industry with a publishing focus and provide a forum for individuals, businesses and organisations in the publishing and related fields.

Publish! Blue Mountains was established with a Commonwealth Department of Innovation Enterprise Commitment grant and aims to retain publishing work locally in the Blue Mountains region.

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