Climate change risk assessment

Blue Mountains City Council was successful in obtaining a Local Adaptation Pathways Program grant of $30,000 from the Federal Government Department of Climate Change to undertake a Blue Mountains Climate Change Risk Assessment.

Climate Risk Pty Ltd was engaged to assist the Council through the climate change risk assessment process.

A Blue Mountains Climate Change Risk Assessment was undertaken with staff and external stakeholders during 2008–2009 resulting in the development of a comprehensive prioritised list of risks and management issues resulting from climate change for the City of Blue Mountains.

The Risk Assessment process included:

  • an internal staff workshop with 23 participants from across the organisation
  • an external stakeholder workshop with 12 participants from local organisations and State Government agencies
  • preparation of a ‘Blue Mountains Climate Change Risk Assessment Report’
  • presentation of the outcomes of the risk assessment process to Council’s Executive Management Team, to Council staff and Councillors
  • promotion of the Report to staff and to the community.

The Blue Mountains Climate Change Risk Assessment Report includes recommended next steps in moving forward to adaptation.

The Report highlights the importance of Council as a responsible custodian of the local area, understanding and managing climate change risk to build local resilience to climate change.

The Report is available on Council’s website and on the Sustainable Blue Mountains website