City of Greater Dandenong

Article image - City of Greater Dandenong The Dandenong Market revitalisation will attract more customers for traders and provide ecconomic benefits for the entire City.

City of Greater Dandenong

Known as ‘The City of Opportunity’, the City of Greater Dandenong has long been recognised as the capital of Melbourne’s southeast region. Its current population of 130,000 people is served by a regional catchment area, with a projected growth rate of 26 per cent by 2030.

Not only is it a vibrant and welcoming City, but it is also home to a thriving manufacturing and business sector and is one of the largest providers of employment in Melbourne’s southeast.

The 130 square kilometres of Greater Dandenong accommodate nearly 9,000 businesses, with a total annual output of
$24.8 billion. These businesses employ 74,000 people from both within and outside the municipality. In addition, Greater Dandenong continues to be a major destination for commercial and industrial building investment in Victoria. Manufacturing output is $16.5 billion and contributes $4.5 billion per year to local expenditure, with 24,000 people employed in this sector.

In the 12 months to January 2010, $270 million was invested in new commercial and industrial building construction in Greater Dandenong, highlighting continuing confidence in the local economy and its future. This confidence has been boosted by the Victorian Government’s recognition of Dandenong as a vital activity centre and through its investment of $290 million in the Revitalising Central Dandenong Project. This project aims to generate $1 billion of private development.

Greater Dandenong has large areas of suitably zoned and serviced industrial land, as well as an extensive commercial and government sector supporting its business and industry. The region’s existing transport networks and connections to Melbourne’s air and sea ports have positioned it ideally for businesses servicing both the domestic and international regions.

Council is continually developing ways to build on its strengths in manufacturing and business as well as highlighting the business opportunities available.

Locally, Greater Dandenong is an exciting multicultural community, with over half of the City’s residents born overseas, 56 per cent from non English speaking countries and representing more than 156 nations. This diversity brings a wealth of culture, faith, language, cuisines and knowledge, all of which are seen as a source of vitality and strength for the City.

Greater Dandenong is a thriving community, a preferred residential address and a sought after business location. It boasts welcoming neighbourhoods and enjoyable leisure environments based on strong partnerships and supported by well planned, integrated and sustainable service networks.

The City is home to over 200 sports clubs and some 1,000 community groups, which are supported by Council through an annual community grants program of more than $1.6 million.

Springvale Service for Children breaks new ground

The Springvale Service for Children is a new $7.7 million integrated early years project comprising a kindergarten, childcare, toy library, maternal and child health, and community based services for children and families.

This state of the art facility provides an innovative, integrated program range for children attending the centre. 

The Springvale Service for Children is one of the first services in Australia to develop and implement this style of program and provides a fantastic opportunity for families in the area.  

Council identified the opportunity to better manage its dated infrastructure through a funding model and approach that generates improved community service outcomes.

The new centre continues a strategic focus of Council to progressively address community needs in innovative ways.

The centre also has multipurpose facilities that will be available for hire by suitable services and for children’s activities.

For further information contact Service for Children Director, Sarah O’Donnell, on (03) 8558 3800.


Market redevelopment takes shape

The Dandenong Market revitalisation will attract more customers for traders and provide ecconomic benefits for the entire City.

The iconic Dandenong Market celebrated a significant milestone recently with the official opening of the new General Merchandise Hall – part of a $26 million redevelopment. The new hall offers a great retail mix for shoppers.

Construction on the Dandenong Market Redevelopment began in January 2009 and is due for completion mid 2010. The works will also include a new fresh food section and increased space for fruit and vegetables.

Greater Dandenong Mayor, Jim Memeti, said the market redevelopment is a vital part of the revitalisation of Central Dandenong, along with the Drum Theatre and Victorian Government works.

“Shopping at the Dandenong Market will be an even more enjoyable experience, with the potential to attract a much broader customer base,” he said. “The market redevelopment will provide broad economic benefits to the entire city, positioning Greater Dandenong as the regional shopping destination of the southeast and ensuring the market’s longterm future.”

With the market having operated since 1866, the project was critical to revitalise an ageing facility. The redevelopment is fully funded by Greater Dandenong Council.


Children at play with six legged friends

Local children had the chance to meet some new six legged friends recently when the City of Greater Dandenong’s new playground was officially opened at Tatterson Park.

The ‘World of Insects’ theme features ladybugs, ants, spiders, beehives and a giant magnifying glass.

The playground is part of the Tatterson Park Master Plan and was funded by Council and the Federal Government’s Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program.

It is complemented by a new picnic area funded by Council and the Victorian Government’s Community Support Fund.

The leading edge playground design was the outcome of extensive community engagement and consultation. Two designs then went back to local residents, who were given the final say on which they preferred.

Mayor Jim Memeti said the playground was designed to enliven the senses of both children and adults.

“This is a fantastic community asset for all of our residents and we envisage it will be well utilised by children and adults alike,” he said.

“The themed playground has a strong environmental focus, which will build on the natural feel of Tatterson Park.

“The playground is fun, quirky and blends in with the natural surrounds of the park.”