Best practice training and systems for conflict, complaints and grievances*

The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC) is an organisation with a long history of supporting Local Government with conflict resolution training and managing disputes at various levels.

ACDC has helped councils with:

  • a variety of conflict, complaint handling and mediation training
  • case management services for small inhouse and larger scale external disputes
  • complaint handling policy training and implementation
  • complaint handling and grievance policy designs and systems.

Workplaces have the potential to be hothouses for conflict and power struggles and it is important to recognise the power of open dialogue and two way communication.

The ability to facilitate difficult discussions with professionalism and respect helps retain quality staff and to build a supportive and innovative workplace culture.

“At ACDC we often hear about the challenges involved in managing workplace behaviours and the ongoing impact this can have on staff morale, customer service, timelines and budgets, not to mention the potential legal ramifications,” said Emma Matthews, Chief Executive Officer, ACDC. “Many people feel awkward when it comes to initiating difficult discussions at work – particularly around staff attitudes or behaviour, interpersonal conflict and performance reviews. We can help them overcome this.”

ACDC offers training workshops in conflict resolution/dispute avoidance, complaint handling, mediation training and accreditation, and facilitating difficult discussions, or speak to ACDC staff about its customised inhouse training.

If you’ve ever searched for what to say and how to say it, then visit to see how ACDC can help you.

*Copy supplied by ACDC