A sustainable organisation

Council continues to focus on improving its own corporate environmental performance and is creating a culture that reflects its community endorsed
25 year City Vision of working towards sustainability. In response, Council is focusing on a ‘Sustainable Council Leading a Sustainable City’.

Guided by Council’s Energy and Water Strategy 2007-10 the following energy and water initiatives have been achieved in the last 18 months.

  • pool blankets installed at the Springwood Aquatic Centre
  • purchase of an industrial sized Bokashi bin for collecting organic waste at events (trialled at Love Lawson Festival)
  • procurement of 50 per cent recycled paper and rechargeable batteries
  • waterless urinals at 12 sites
  • participation in Earth Hour
  • upgrades at caravan parks, including dual flush toilets, water saving shower heads and flow controlled taps
  • roof insulation installed at Springwood Arts Centre and Katoomba Tourism Cottage
  • use of recycled plastic bollards
  • achievement of ICLEI Water Campaign Milestone 1 and 2 (Corporate)
  • launch of Healthy and Sustainable Food Guidelines for all Council run food services
  • investigation into renewable energy alternatives for Council
  • investigation into sustainability initiatives at the proposed Katoomba Waste Transfer Station
  • internal energy audits of work stations undertaken by Green Champions
  • assessment undertaken of water boilers and coolers at Council sites, trial of alternative programmable boiler undertaken at headquarters building
  • trial of T5 fluorescent lighting at headquarters building
  • installation of signage to encourage water and energy efficiency and reporting of leaks
  • revolving sustainability fund proposed
  • preparation of guidelines into the sustainable design and maintenance of Council’s assets commenced
  • recycling service extended to all libraries and tourism offices
  • sustainability audits undertaken at 14 Council owned buildings leased by community organisations
  • Planet Footprint subscription extended to include fleet, waste and complete greenhouse reporting
  • water harvesting and water savings investigation undertaken by Sydney Water at Katoomba depot
  • commencement of investigation into the establishment of a local growers market.

State of the City

How will we know we are on track in heading towards a sustainable future?

The Blue Mountains State of City Report presents the first view of progress made and action taken to date in achieving the City Vision and Map for Action for a more sustainable Blue Mountains.

Council staff, Councillors, the community and other government agencies were invited to provide feedback on the Draft Report during a formal consultation period in April and May 2009, prior to the State of City Report 2009 being adopted in June 2009.

The State of City report presents analysis, trend data and a review of action to date on our progress in becoming:

  • an environmentally responsible City
  • an equitable City
  • a liveable, vibrant and creative City
  • a more efficient City.

The State of City Report is available on the Sustainable Blue Mountains website www.sustainablebluemountains.net.au

For further information contact Council’s Corporate Planning Officer on (02) 4780 5000, email citymonitoringteam@bmcc.nsw.gov.au or visit www.sustainablebluemountains.net.au

This project is coordinated by Blue Mountains City Council for the Blue Mountains community.