A council is only as good as its people

In today’s world it is important for all municipalities to have a culture that fosters continuous improvement. For a council to meet the expectations of its communities, having staff who are not only technically proficient but are also great communicators is paramount.

Indigo training has recognised this and has been working with many councils over the past 17 years to address this need.

It does not matter where you work in Local Government, communications is a core element of your daily activities.

Whether it be communicating externally or internally, the ability to express concepts, ideas and realities to many different groups of people requires a skill set not often taught at universities or schools.

The advantage to a council of having skilled communicators within its workforce is undeniable. Skilled communicators are able to swiftly and professionally deal with residents, other departments, managers and peers, which will allow them greater time to focus on their practical activities.

Many times it is the failure to communicate a decision effectively that causes disruption and burns time.

For example, a town planner with excellent technical ability but poor communication skills will take many times longer to complete an application due to repeated phone calls and meetings from applicants unable to grasp the message he/she is trying to convey.

In comparison, a planner with excellent communication skills will not have to deal with repeated phone calls and meetings regarding the same issue, allowing them to focus on completing the applications in a timely manner.

To improve communications within your council, call Indigo Training and allow us to tailor a program for your staff members.

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*Rum Charles is Principal Consultant at Indigo Training.