1 in 120 children have autism*

Seminar with Leah Climas for Local Government employees

With the growing number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – current prevalence 1:120 – it makes good sense to offer support for those working with young children and adolescents with autism.

Local Governments have a responsibility to all children in their municipality and with the rising number of children with autism, we need to ensure staff are well trained in this area.

Currently there is little or no specific training in the area of autism within the Local Government sector. Organising a seminar at your council with behavioural specialist Leah Climas can bridge this gap.

By understanding autism and how to effectively deal with the behavioural difficulties and plan curriculum that motivates and engages the ASD child, these seminars can significantly reduce the stress to childcare workers, reducing sick leave, staff turnover and burnout.

By providing the tools for your staff members to give a fulfilling experience to children with autism, the people who work with them and their parents, you will aid in the building of community relations.

This will reduce the longterm costs to the Local Government sector, as early intervention promotes an opportunity to make lasting changes to the lives of these children.

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