New infrastructure asset management course*

The Centre for Pavement Engineering Education (CPEE) and the University of Tasmania will be offering a Graduate Certificate in Infrastructure Asset Management beginning this year in June.

The new course, developed by CPEE and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) will respond to the need for a program for engineering and science graduates employed in Local Government in the emerging discipline of Infrastructure Asset Management.

The recent recognition of the longterm lifecycle costs associated with the operation, maintenance and renewal of physical assets has created the need for skills in the management of infrastructure networks such as roads, water supply, drainage and sewerage.

State Governments have legislation requiring councils to create and implement asset management plans for the physical infrastructure under their control.

This will add to the demand for technical specialists with Infrastructure Asset Management qualifications. The demand for these skills is most significant in large local authorities where career opportunities now exist for specialist infrastructure asset managers.

The four unit course – two compulsory units and two units selected from a list of elective units – can be studied entirely by distance, and will provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to fill senior positions in this specialist field.

Applicants for the course must hold a Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Science (in an appropriate discipline) or an equivalent qualification.

An applicant holding a three year Bachelor Degree will be required to have had at least three years’ relevant work experience.

For further information visit or telephone (03) 9853 3626.

*Copy supplied by CPEE