Fast, clean, cost effective and permanent infrastructure maintenance*

Raising, relevelling and resupporting sunken and moving road and highway slabs, bridge abutment slabs, concrete floors, whole buildings, driveways, airports, railways and many other structures are all tasks undertaken by Uretek Ground Engineering.

The process used is unique, with structural resin being injected like keyhole surgery.

Better than mud jacking or concrete underpinning, it is fast and clean, with no excavation, no water, no mess and substantial cost savings.

This technology, developed and proven in Europe over 37 years, is now available in more than 50 countries.

Cracks in building walls usually close up as floors and footings are raised and relevelled.

The Uretek method is fast and convenient. Roads can be treated one lane at a time or at night, and traffic can run over the area just 30 minutes later.

Building occupants don’t need to move out, so there is no relocation cost. Generally machinery does not have to be moved.

Large jobs can be done one area at a time, or at night, with most jobs taking only a day or two so there is minimal inconvenience.

Uretek Ground Engineering offices are located in all States. For further information telephone 1800 623 312, email or visit

*Copy supplied by Uretek