Cutting edge playgrounds at competitive prices*

There has been vast change in playground equipment in recent years, especially after European playground standards were adopted here in Australia.

We have seen an influx of European climbing structures and moving items that may have once been considered not as safe as the standard playground. These items seem to have been embraced by many as the way forward in design and concepts.

This is good for the playground industry as it injects new ideas and moves industry away from the old saying ‘all playgrounds pretty much look the same’.

In a time when every purchaser wants the maximum for their dollar, we are also seeing cheap plastic products coming from Asia.

Playspace has always aimed to achieve the highest quality product, maintaining playground standards at a competitive price. It designs and produces all its own products and has always maintained quality by resisting the use of cheap imported products.

Playspace is currently creating new and innovative products to not only match new products from Europe, but to produce products for Australia that will put us at the forefront of world playground design. Purchasers don’t have to wait extended periods for European products to arrive and they don’t have to buy cheap plastic that has no backup service.

Playspace has stood the test of time and its earliest products still look great after many years.

Over the next year, it will be creating some brilliant new rope and moving products that it believes will surpass its competitors’.

These products will be advertised on the Playspace website, as well as ‘Outdoor Design’s’ monthly product release website, so look monthly for a new Playspace product to add innovation to your council’s landscapes. At the end of the day we all want to know we have selected the best product and obtain the accolades for the best choice. So why make a wrong choice?

If you want a traditional playground, something in the middle or something on the cutting edge, then there is only one choice – Playspace, the only choice.

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*Copy supplied by Playspace