West Tamar adopts community model to tackle suicide

In December, the CORES (Community Response to Elimintaing Suicide) program was launched at West Tamar Council in the north of Tasmania.

CORES founder and Manager of the Kentish Regional Clinic in the neighbouring Kentish Council area, Councillor Coralanne Walker, launched the program at the Beaconsfield Community Centre Function Room.

West Tamar Council Mayor, Councillor Barry Easther, said the CORESTM West Tamar community package will develop the skills and confidence of community members to intervene in suicide and assist in the development of a community’s strength and capacity to eliminate suicide.

“The program offers communities comprehensive mentoring, support and flexible training through a simple yet effective intervention model,” he said.

CORES is a unique approach, involving the community to tackle the issue of suicide.

It has proven effective in Kentish since 2003, and Circular Head since 2005.

The first of many training sessions for community members was conducted in West Tamar in November 2008.

Benefits to the community are expected to include:

  • community members having the skills and the courage to tackle the problems of those at risk of suicide and/or their families
  • the reduction and/or elimination of suicide
  • the development of a community based system that can be sustained by the community into the future
  • a network of community people who have the benefit of reaching out to other communities across Tasmania through a core organisation, which in turn enhances the chances of bringing down the suicide rate in Australia
  • the reduction in pain felt by individual and community members, as well as the cost to the community from these tragic events. These include medical, social and economic costs to the community.

For further information on CORESTM West Tamar contact Jannie Turner, Council’s Manager Community Services, on (03) 6383 6360.