Technology driven council upgrades AV*

Sutherland Shire Council recently upgraded the audio visual (AV) equipment in its chambers, opting for a Bosch Conference and PA solution, chosen for its capabilities in providing integrated conference facilities, including microphone management, electronic voting and video display in one package.

The Bosch DCN Next Generation System used features a Chairman Concentus Unit for the Mayor and 21 Delegate Units for Councillors.

The DCN is interfaced to a distributed Plena Public Address System for the public gallery and other meeting rooms. The design of the complete system was based on requirements of local councils in New South Wales as prescribed by the Department of Local Government, especially with regard to including capabilities for electronic voting and management of voting results.

The automatic queueing of ‘Request-to-Speak’ Councillors contributes to the effective management of all microphones.

The built in Speech Times with a Count Down Clock Display for each speaker means that it is no longer necessary to use an external timing device.

Very clear and intelligible speech from the built in loudspeakers is maintained for all, including the public gallery, without the need for additional loudspeakers within the chambers.

Digital recording of all proceedings of a meeting are now achieved with the Bosch CCS800 Ultro Digital Voice Recorder in MP3 format.

This forms the basis for the minutes.

When required, the MP3 recordings can be played back at any time through the built in loudspeakers of all the microphone units.

The interfacing to video distribution, including computers, LCD displays and data projectors, was designed and implemented by the systems integrator, Ulmano Pty Ltd.

*Copy supplied by Bosch