Sustainable service excellence

Covering 720 square kilometres in southeast Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Shire is implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to underpin its information management strategy.

Council is working with Objective Corporation to rollout the 650 user enterprise, which forms both the foundation and delivery vehicle for Council’s Seamless Access, Sharing and Storage of Information (SASSI) strategy.

The solution will be used for many and varied business processes across Council operations, from navigating the highly paper intensive process of statutory planning, to drafting, publishing and distributing agendas, minutes and actions to Councillors. It will also be used for public consultation and community engagement, such as online surveys.

“We are wholeheartedly focused on providing excellence in service to our community,” said Mornington Peninsula CEO, Dr Michael Kennedy. “To achieve this, we knew that any information management solution had to provide more value than merely complying with record keeping and other statutory obligations.

“In implementing this solution, we are able to capture, store and manage all of our information and then leverage this to create a platform for collaboration across the organisation, with our community partners, service providers and to the community.”

Council is currently in the analysis and design stage of implementing the document and records management modules, together with workflow and web content management.

Stage one of the implementation process is expected to be complete by the end of this financial year. Following this, Council expects faster turn around times for existing services and improved quality of services by providing more options for people to interact and collaborate with Council.

One example of how this will be achieved is through the streamlined process of applying for Local Law permits. Potentially, up to 8,000 to 10,000 applications for permits, licence renewals and other activities could be processed online in a year.

Using the new system, requests will be processed completely electronically, routed using workflow to single or multiple authorities, then granted, communicated and stored in a single, streamlined process.

This particular process improvement alone enhances sustainability for Council by saving time, reducing the number of people handling paperwork, reducing the need for printing, saving customer time and money on postage and/or transport, and enhancing service levels delivered to the community through faster through put and improved access.

Michael Kennedy said Mornington Peninsula Shire is very focused on ensuring complete adoption of the solution throughout the organisation. As such, it has detailed change management and communication plans in place that are focused on individuals’ needs, tailored to their roles and responsibilities.

For further information contact Michael Kennedy on (03) 5950 1820.