Out there 4 U

Out There 4 U - Community Online is a one stop global leisure and recreational website for listing and finding out about joining groups or clubs, finding a concert or park, local community events or activities.

Business, organisations, promoters, clubs or individuals can list their events and activities free.

“We have created this website for you to promote yourself by letting people know what is happening in the community where they live and play, wherever in the world that happens to be,” said Debra Powell from Out There 4 U.

“You can search by category and finding out what’s on in other communities is easy, just click on ‘Change Location’ at the top.”

Adding an event listing to this site is free. Simply create a profile by clicking on the ‘Register’ tab on the signpost and create your user account.

Add as many listings as you want and there is no charge.

Debra Powell believes that, particularly during this time of economic slowdown, this site is an easy way to promote what’s happening in your community.

People planning a trip from anywhere in the world can log on and find out all that your area has to offer.

The idea behind creating www.outthere4U.com was to help develop an all inclusive events and social directory for communities. 

“These days with the increased cost of advertising and the ‘green’ effort to decrease paper, I wanted to ensure that everyone could still find what was ‘out there’ for them whether locally or globally,” Debra Powell said.

“In the past, when trying to find events or attractions either locally or when travelling, I have had to rely heavily on tourism brochures, which are costly to produce and only have the ‘biggest and best’ attractions because people have ‘paid’ to be included.

“But what happens to all the smaller struggling businesses or organisations? Most are excluded due to lack of a large budget, making it even more difficult for them to survive. 

“So, I created www.outthere4U.com as a free listing social networking opportunity for anyone who wants to get the ‘word out’ about their event, club, festival or happening.”

For further information visit www.outthere4U.com