Enviro project to skill up young people

Article image - Enviro project to skill up young people The Orange Green Corps Team cuts down hawthorne at Council’s Spring Creek Wetlands Reservoir.

In January, Greening Australia launched a new Green Corps project in central New South Wales’ Orange City Council.

With over 25 years of experience in creating sustainable environmental outcomes, Greening Australia is a solutions driven organisation committed to doing something practical about Australia’s environmental problems. It tackles critical issues, such as salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss, through an innovative blend of practical experience, science and community engagement.

Greening Australia delivers the Green Corps program on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Green Corps gives people aged 17 to 20 years the opportunity to receive accredited training and a youth participation allowance, while working on environment and heritage projects across Australia.

Each project runs for six months, with participants receiving accredited training in conservation and land management while on the job.

Across Australia each year, 1,700 young people participate in Green Corps projects. Teams of ten are guided by a team leader to undertake structured work experience and improve their career and employment prospects.

Importantly, the projects are developed with partner agencies, ensuring that they have lasting environmental and cultural heritage value to the community. 

Orange City Council’s new Green Corps team has been preparing for environmental work at Council’s Spring Creek Wetlands Reservoir. For the next six months, the team will be working on environmental issues, such as weed control, revegetation with native species and construction of bird habitat, with the main focus being restoration of natural biodiversity.

Under the guidance of Council and Roger Smith, representative of Green Corps’ partner agency, the team has learnt about land management, conservation strategies, team building skills and strong work ethics.

Team leader, Maryanne Smith, said the team was bonding very well.

“In this type of work, that’s so important,” she said. “In the few weeks the team has been together, they have made steady progress towards weed eradication
at Spring Creek Wetlands.”

For further information contact Maryanne Smith on 0437 675 511.