Encouraging grey nomad volunteers

The Queensland Government recently approved a further two year’s funding for the Barcaldine Grey Nomad Volunteer Project.

“This future funding will allow the pilot project to extend into the recently amalgamated Shires of Aramac, Barcaldine and Jericho which now make up the Barcaldine Regional Council,” said Grey Nomad Project Coordinator, Douglas Stewart.

The funding is provided through the Government’s ‘Blue Print for the Bush’ Our Place Our Future initiative.

The project, set up to take advantage of the thousands of tourists passing through Barcaldine and the region during the tourist season, encourages travellers to volunteer to help out with local community projects.

Barcaldine Regional Council communities have shown their full support for the project by forming a Grey Nomad Action Group to coordinate the project’s activities. The group sources projects from local not for profit community organisations and matches their needs with the skills and experience offered by the travelling volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to get involved in the local community and are welcomed to community activities to show the region’s appreciation of their efforts.

For further information contact Douglas Stewart on (07) 4651 5600.