Ballaratís desktop employee directory improves security

Article image - Ballaratís desktop employee directory improves security

Prior to the City of Ballarat developing ‘The Source’, staff relied on an internal phone listing presented in a word document format.

This created problems with different versions being printed and old data still in use. Centralised updating incorporating staff changes, as well as better security for this data, needed to be found.

Council’s Manager ITC and Governance, Annie De Jong, said that her team used the latest web technologies to develop an active online directory that is now managed and updated by Council’s HR team.

It contains information on:

  • the organisational structure
  • locations of Council offices
  • staff information, such as phone numbers, titles, locations, photographs and duties.

“With its index of staff responsibilities, The Source can be searched by customer services staff to determine where enquiries should be directed,” Annie De Jong said. “For example, who picks up an injured animal can be ascertained and tasks automatically assigned.”

There is now better security with set guidelines covering what information can be provided to outside callers.

“It is also a great induction tool for new staff who can view photographs of the people they need to meet,” she said. “This also helps new staff to recognise other staff without having to ask.

“Other advantages include providing an easy means to find out who’s who in Council’s various teams and which managers they report to.

“If a staff member is on extended leave, information is provided on who has taken their place and similarly with job sharing positions both staff members’ details are listed.”

Further plans for The Source include integrating the data with maps and desk locations.

Staff will be able to quickly search for who they need to see, where they are located and what they look like.

For further information contact Annie De Jong, Manager ITC and Governance, on (03) 5320 5550.