New sweeper chassis Euro IV compliant, greater payload

Managing Director of Schwarze Industries Australia, Mike Webber, recently spoke to Local Government FOCUS about the latest version of the popular, Australian built range of Schwarze regenerative air sweepers.

“As the only Australian manufacturer of street sweepers, we are very aware of the need to constantly communicate with our clients regarding their specific needs,” Mike Webber said. “In most cases we are able to respond very quickly through our inhouse design and manufacturing teams to make changes and specific modifications to satisfy those needs.

“Mounting a sweeper body onto a commercially available cab chassis has always been a compromise, as very few chassis have been available with factory fitted automatic transmissions, maximum axle capacities and wheel base configurations to suit sweepers. This has lead to anomalies, such as an 11,000 kilogram gross vehicle mass (GVM) and 15,000 kilogram GVM chassis offering almost the same payload.”

Schwarze has been working closely with Isuzu Australia for many years regarding the supply of a cab chassis, specifically deigned to offer the very best solution for the mounting of street sweeper bodies. Isuzu have come to the party in a very significant way.

“The all new FSR 700 and FRS 850 chassis are without doubt the closest thing we have seen to the perfect choice for our clients’ applications,” Mike Webber said. “These new chassis have significant axle load and suspension improvements, the wheel base requires no further modification and Allison’s world series 2500 automatic transmission is a standard inclusion.

“Euro IV emission standards exceed Australian Design Rule (ADR) 80 requirements, making this new Isuzu the most environmentally friendly vehicle available. Emission standards are requirements that set specific limits to the amount of pollutants that can be released into the environment.”

Mike Webber said the in cab fitout is a substantial improvement, incorporating top of the range Isri seating, mirror image duplication of dashboard and instrumentation, and a fully integrated ventilation and air conditioning system.

ABS (antilock braking system) braking also adds to safety on the road.

“All in all the new offering from Schwarze is a very special piece of equipment,” Mike Webber said.

“It offers low operating and maintenance costs and high productivity in a very compact package, with probably the best payload configuration available in Australia.”

For further information contact Mike Webber by email at or phone (07) 3271 9777.