Monash masters degrees offer professional development options for LG Councillors and staff*

In recent years it has become increasingly necessary for the three levels of government in Australia to seek common policy and governance solutions. The previous and current Federal Governments have intensified the challenge to State and Local Governments to deliver more effective and efficient services, or face more intervention or partial takeover by the Commonwealth.

In this environment, Local Government Councillors and staff will almost certainly be called upon to continuously adapt their decision making and management processes. In addition, the impact of globalisation on nations and their provinces and regions will continue to influence all levels of government.

With its wide ranging and relevant subject offerings, the Master of Public Policy and Management program at Monash University equips students at all levels of government to address these challenges.

The subjects available, both core and electives, are academically rigorous and relevant to practitioners, exploring contemporary issues in public policy and management and encouraging the kind of high level interdisciplinary thinking which is needed by managers, consultants and policy makers alike.

As well as standard policy, management and governance subject offerings, students can choose from electives ranging from strategic management and organisational behaviour to national public policy analysis, and from human resource management to international diplomacy, business and
cross cultural negotiation.

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*Copy supplied by Monash University