Investing in service infrastructure

Council is making a significant investment in service infrastructure. The Grafton and Maclean, Lawrence, Townsend and Ilarwill Sewerage program comprises construction of a new sewage treatment plant (STP) at Woodford Island; upgrading existing STPs at Clarence and North Grafton; closing four existing STPs at South Grafton, Maclean, Townsend and Ilarwill; and constructing associated transfer systems.

The town of Lawrence will also have reticulated sewerage constructed.

A construction tender for the $39 million STP component was awarded to Haslin Constructions Pty Ltd in March 2008. Other works to be undertaken as part of this scheme are:

  • a transfer system (estimated cost $30 million) – currently out to tender
  • Clarence River Crossings (estimated cost $4 million) – currently being tendered
  • Lawrence reticulation (estimated cost $8 million) – contractors shortlisted.

The estimated completion date for these schemes is September 2009.

The Iluka program is a $27 million scheme, comprising reticulated sewerage and a new STP for the currently unsewered township of Iluka, with recycled water reuse on the golf course, playing fields and in a dual reticulation system.

A detailed design is scheduled for completion by the end of May and, pending a few outstanding State Government approvals, it is hoped that construction will commence in early 2009.

In Yamba the scheme comprises augmentation of the existing Yamba STP and some upgrading of the associated reticulation in Yamba. A detailed concept design of this project is scheduled for completion this month, with a detailed design scheduled for completion in early 2009. It is hoped that construction will commence in late 2009.

The $3.8 million Junction Hill to North Grafton Sewerage Transfer project was handed over to Council in January 2008.

Remediation of three former STPs at Junction Hill will be undertaken as part of the Grafton and Maclean project.