Green fuel trial aims to reduce emissions for Gold Coast City fleet*

Neumann Petroleum, Australia’s largest independent fuel company, is supplying clean burning biodiesel for a Gold Coast City Council trial – which aims to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The trial will see diesel fuel replaced with Neumann Petroleum’s environmentally friendly biodiesel – which is a blend of 20 per cent organic fuel and 80 per cent petroleum diesel – in two of Council’s fleet trucks.

Executive General Manager of Neumann Petroleum, Charles Wright, said it was good news for the people of the Gold Coast because it would lower their dependence on traditional fossil fuels and reduce their environmental footprint.

“As a safe biodegradable product, biodiesel has the potential to reduce air pollutants such as particulates, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other toxins,” Charles Wright said.

Neumann Petroleum’s E-Gen biodiesel is an organic fuel made from tallow and domestically grown oilseed products such as linseed, canola and cotton mixed with alcohol. It can be used in any existing diesel engine with little or no modifications.

Neumann Petroleum is leading the development of renewable fuels in Australia.

“As a Queensland owned and operated company, Neumann Petroleum is proud to be supplying locally produced E-Gen biodiesel for the Gold Coast City Council’s truck trial,” he said. “E-Gen biodiesel is a safe, clean burning fuel that reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 25 per cent and breaks down four times faster than traditional diesel. It also eliminates the black cloud associated with diesel engines.

“Neumann Petroleum is passionate about the environmental benefits that renewable fuels offer Local Governments, businesses and motorists.”

The six month trial, which commenced in April, will be conducted on two trucks.

*Copy supplied by Neumann Petroleum