‘DRAG-ON’ mapping services taking care of business

Following the implementation of e-business, Sydney’s Kogarah Council has recognised the importance of the world wide web in communicating with its stakeholders.

Often e-business is understood to mean online payments and procurements, but it also incorporates other processes that improve the efficiency and lower the cost of doing business. E-business provides a means for significantly improving the delivery of services.

In its implementation of e-services, Kogarah has re-engineered the way it delivers mapping information and associated services to ratepayers and residents.

Kogarah Mayor, Councillor Nick Katris, said Council’s new and innovative Drag-On interactive mapping service came online early this month.

“The new online interactive mapping service is incorporated on Kogarah’s website,” he said. “This means the community can access Council’s mapping services at the click of a mouse in their homes.”

Council used new Geographical Information System (GIS) software technology to develop the interactive mapping service for the internet. As a result, Drag-On provides a rich source of up to date mapping information for residents, businesses and the global marketplace.

Council’s Assets and Geographic Coordinator, Glen Moody, said Drag-On works similarly to many popular GIS websites, like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Virtual Earth. However, Council’s mapping service also provides detailed information specific to the Kogarah Local Government Area.

“The distinguishing feature between Council’s mapping service and others is more detailed information on property boundaries, lot descriptions, Ward boundaries, waste collection days, park locations and facilities,” Glen Moody said. “Information displayed on the maps is also linked to other areas of Council’s website, including Councillor profiles, park bookings, public toilet locations and more.”

Kogarah’s Acting Manager Assets Planning and Services, Obi Thomas, said the overriding principle behind Drag-On is that anything that someone can do in person at a customer service centre, they should be able to do at the site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The Drag-On mapping service is user friendly and operates as a free Council service,” he said. “Subscribers can also access the Dial before you Dig service, which provides maps of Council’s drainage and other underground infrastructure quickly, easily and 24 hours a day. “

For further information contact Violeta Becvarovski at Kogarah’s Department of Assets and Services on (02) 9330 9448.