Digital signatures automate business process at Marrickville Council*

Marrickville Council in the inner west region of Sydney has implemented a CoSign® digital signature solution, offering standards and efficiencies across Council’s operations. The solution was provided by TME Digital Signature, the Algorithmic Research partner in Australia and New Zealand, and ARX, a leading provider of digital signature solutions.

Prior to CoSign’s implementation, Marrickville relied heavily on paper for its memo approval processes. Council creates a significant number of memos each week, focusing on a range of activities including land, building, planning, human resources and financial issues. Each of these memos requires numerous signatures for authorisation.

As it was both a time consuming and costly process, Marrickville saw significant value in deploying a digital signature solution that would allow its staff to break the chain of printing, signing and then scanning the signed documents back into an electronic format.

“With its off the shelf deployment and intuitive use, CoSign will help us consolidate and advance our business processes,” said Marrickville’s Manager of Information Systems, Carlos Loureiro. “It is a tremendous benefit that the time and money Council saves on process implementation can be rededicated to ratepayers.”

By using CoSign, Marrickville will be able to reduce its workflow process from several hours per memo authorisation, to a matter of minutes. In addition, Council will eliminate the need to print documentation for signing purposes, significantly reducing paper related expenses.

“Our work with Marrickville Council provides us with an important opportunity to highlight the benefits CoSign’s advanced technology has to offer to Local Governments searching for a way to transform and streamline their business processes,” said ARX Chief Operating Officer, Ilan Patashnik.

Signing and sealing documents with CoSign immediately expedites business processes, reduces costs, increases security and enables organisations to comply with diverse regional and industry regulations.

CoSign works with all major applications and document formats including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, Adobe® PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath®, Lotus Forms, and many more.

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*Copy supplied by CoSign