Cultural planning: unity in diversity

The Clarence Valley Cultural Plan provides an opportunity to bring together people in geographically diverse communities with a passion for the arts and culture to converge and work collaboratively towards mutual goals and achievements.

Enhancing social and cultural values are part of Council’s vision for liveability. Supporting creative cultures is a corporate goal and delivering programs and projects that develop cultural assets is a key element of Council’s Sustainability Initiative.

Even the process of developing the Plan fostered cohesion and cooperation across the newly created Clarence Valley Council. Rather than outsourcing, the Cultural Development Officer was mentored by a consultant to ensure its flavour and content reflected local expression and aspirations. Put simply, it forged new partnerships between the community and Council, which is driving its success in achieving a thriving and evolving Clarence culture.

The Plan’s initiatives integrate community sectors, the community and Council as well as internal Council activities.

The Creative Industries project is led by Economic Development, cultural histories and trails are led by the Regional Gallery, while cross cultural training is delivered by Human Resources. The strategic plan for all cultural facilities captures Asset Management and Maintenance. The Plan integrates Council’s service to the community.