Saving trees and minimising risk

Decaying and ageing trees can cause a number of problems for Councils – not least being the threat of death or serious injury, as well as extensive damage to buildings and property. With Councils responsible for parks, open spaces, camping grounds and children’s playgrounds, users are at risk from falling limbs or complete tree failures at any one time.

While trained arborists can visually examine trees, in some cases there is just no way of knowing what is going on inside. Tree Test Australia’s fully qualified arborists are assisting Councils to overcome this problem, using Resistograph technology.

Peter Blank from Tree Test Australia said the Resistograph machine is the only accurate testing and measuring device in existence.

“The Resistograph measures a tree’s resistance while drilling, delivering detailed information about the inside of tree trunks and roots,” he said. “It provides us with a complete picture of the integrity of a tree and whether there is any decaying or ageing.

“The Resistograph can accurately determine the age of the standing tree with its unique ‘Growth Ring Analysing Software’. The machine is precise, fast and non invasive, thus causing minimal injury to the tree.”

Peter Blank said the technology can not only be used on trees, but playground equipment, power poles and bridges. He said by undertaking regular testing, Councils can prevent a myriad of accidents, and help to save valuable tree populations.

Tree Test Australia can sell the Resistograph to Councils, or undertake testing for them. The company provides a full range of project management advice and training on decay prevention.

Tree Test Australia is already working with a number of Councils, including the City of Greater Shepparton (Vic), Toowoomba City Council (Qld), and Hurstville City Council (NSW).

For further information on how Tree Test Australia can assist your Council, contact Peter Blank on 0418 709 846 or email