On the street with the visitor Info-Pole*

Article image - On the street with the visitor Info-Pole*

The Info-Pole is the best way to display visitor information to passers by and get your visitor information out on the street. It has four DL sized Outdoor Brochure Holders attached to a clear jacket that simply clips to an existing standard street signage pole. This means you can smartly present hundreds of brochures on existing infrastructure within minutes.

The system was developed to address the needs of regional tourism promoters and has been successfully installed in Paramatta’s Riverside precinct.

The Info-Pole is designed to be left outside 24-7. It presents and dispenses printed brochures at all hours, ‘in the ‘field’ – making the information valuable where and when it is required.

Info-Pole offers the following attributes:

  • easily snaps onto existing poles and can be relocated.
  • four brochure holders (each one 4cm thick), protect brochures from wind, rain and condensation
  • sturdy construction and materials
  • overall size 700mm x 210mm
  • easily branded with logos.

For further information contact Adrian on (02) 9959 4898 or email Adrian@businessbydesign.com.au

*Copy supplied by Business By Design