Wyndham showerhead exchange saves water

Hundreds of households in Wyndham City Council are now saving more water in the shower following a successful City West Water Showerhead Exchange. Held as part of Wyndham Water Wise during May, more than 620 old showerheads were exchanged free of charge for AAA water efficient showerheads at Council’s Depot.

The AAA showerheads have been engineered to ensure a forceful shower spray, while maintaining consistent low water consumption. Each AAA showerhead uses a maximum of nine litres of water per minute, which is a saving of up to 11 litres per minute when compared to less efficient showerheads.

Wyndham Mayor, Councillor Shane Bourke, said the results of the Showerhead Exchange day demonstrate the commitment of Wyndham residents to water conservation.

“It is pleasing that so many Wyndham residents took part in the exchange and are prepared to make changes to the ways they use water at home,” he said. “The AAA showerheads can save households up to 20,000 litres of water a year and around $150 on their hot water bill, so households are not only saving water, but energy as well. The old showerheads that have been exchanged will be recycled for scrap metal, with the proceeds going to a local charity.”

Wyndham Water Wise ran throughout May and aimed to educate the community on water conservation and sustainability. Council, in partnership with a number of local organisations and government departments, provided information sessions and seminars, garden and wetland tours, and a fishing competition that showcased a rejuvenated Werribee River.

For further information contact Wyndham’s Special Projects Officer, Lesley Rogan, on (03) 9741 9400.