Waterless composting toilets*

Water shortages around the country are renewing attention on the benefits of waterless composting toilets. Using no water, they can save around one third of water consumption in the home. Modern composting toilets are attractive and pleasant to use, with various models available to suit permanent family homes as well as the weekender, cabin or farm shed.

These toilets don’t need water or chemicals to treat or transport wastes, so they can help save our valuable water supplies while avoiding negative impacts on the local environment. They use natural bacterial processes to break down wastes into safe compost that can be beneficially recycled into the soil.

Clivus Multrum Australia has a range of both local and imported waterless toilets, ranging from low budget household models through to much larger systems used at popular tourist locations as diverse as the Barrier Reef, Uluru and Cradle Mountain.

The EcoLet models are fully self contained and simply installed on the floor. Their compact size and ease of installation has made them popular for small families or part time use.

The Clivus MultrumTM models use a larger compost chamber under the floor to cater for higher use, and can even be fitted with a second pedestal. A small extraction fan built into each system positively eliminates bathroom odours, and care of the units is very simple, without need for ongoing service contracts.

As an Australian business with over 25 years experience, Clivus Multrum can offer specialist advice on proven and reliable systems suited to customers’ particular needs.

For a free information booklet and distributor details phone 1300 138 182 or visit www.clivusmultrum.com.au for more information.

*Copy supplied by Clivus Multrum Australia