Rockhampton residents step green with new litter patrol

Article image - Rockhampton residents step green with new litter patrol

Rockhampton City Council recently launched a Green Steps program, allowing local residents to combine their daily walk with a litter patrol. Council is encouraging people who regularly walk a section of road, park or pathway to register as a ‘Green Stepper’ and to pick up litter en route.

Rockhampton Mayor, Councillor Margaret Strelow, said Green Steps is unique as it is thought to be the only litter program combined with a regular exercise regime.

“While most litter reduction programs are organised as a group or annual event, Green Steps is aimed at the regular, everyday walker who wants to do their part for the environment in a manner that also benefits them,” Mayor Strelow said.

Rockhampton resident, Peter Hallinan, approached Council with the proposal to establish the Green Steps program. With support from Council staff, the program is set to become a successful environmentally friendly initiative, with 15 members, including four organisations, already registered. Participants commit to participating in the program for a minimum of 12 months. Members receive all the tools required to keep their favourite walk litter free. They receive a kit comprising a calico bag, high visibility shirt/vest, gloves, a safety and information pack, a map of their route, and training. They also receive safety instructions, support and various incentives for their efforts.

Council receives regular updates from participants regarding quantity and type of waste found in their area. Feedback to date has indicated that even in areas where green steppers are very regular with their pick ups, there has been only a small reduction in the waste they collect daily. Council has therefore recognised a need to further educate the community on littering.

For further information contact Council’s Climate Protection Officer, Michelle Rixon, on (07) 4936 8000.