Let there be light

AA SPARKY Electricians have developed energy efficient LED lights that can produce up to ten times the light output of a fluorescent globe, while using up to four times less energy. The Australian made lighting systems are perfect for illuminating outdoor areas. Their low heat emission makes them adaptable for unique environments, such as featuring roundabouts, trees, statues, town entrances and more, while their energy efficiency also makes them ideal for use with solar panels.

Moonee Valley City Council in Melbourne’s west is currently using AA SPARKY’s LED light fittings to illuminate trees at a key intersection in the municipality.

Moonee Valley’s Parks and Gardens Officer, Scott Widdicombe, said that AA SPARKY was the only contractor Council came across that had the technology and willingness to explore LED lighting and the use of solar panels.

“Council had the lights installed more than 18 months ago and we are yet to replace a globe,” he said. “Reduced maintenance costs combined with the use of solar panels is saving Council a great deal of money. We don’t have to pay for power, and we also avoided the dramatic expenses and drama involved in boring and trenching to supply mains power to the site.”

AA SPARKY Managing Director, David Soderblom, said the longevity of the globes means that maintenance costs are heavily reduced, especially when lighting fixtures are located in hard to reach places.

“Quite often Councils and other organisations have light fittings in high places that require a cherry picker to change globes,” he said. “When using our globes for ten hours per day, the life expectancy is expected to exceed 100,000 hours, where standard fluorescent tubes can offer as little as 3,000 hours. Ongoing maintenance and the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is often ignored when project capital is tight. AA SPARKY can work with your Council to develop a custom made solution for your lighting needs.”

For further information contact David Soderblom on (03) 9743 3666 or email agent1@iimetro.com.au