Improving services in a climate of change

At the beginning of 2006, Moreland City Council commenced a major IT project, iETEC (Integrated E-Technology), which will see the replacement and extension of its core IT systems. With ‘improving services in a climate of change’ a key priority of Moreland’s Council Plan, the deployment of the iETEC program has provided a firm foundation for Council’s service to the community via the Internet and allows for improved data handling by Council staff.

“Our vision for service to our community is ‘tell us once’, and we will provide responsive and action focused services and communications – on the phone, online, on paper and face to face,” said CEO Peter Brown. “The iETEC project brings together our services and provides dramatic opportunities for Council to do better for our people.”

To ensure the success of the iETEC project, Moreland needed a structured and established project management methodology.

With its emphasis on defining authority structures, PRINCE2™ (Projects in Controlled Environments version 2) suited Moreland’s needs best. Progress of the project using PRINCE2™ has proven so effective that Moreland is now implementing the methodology for all of its project management.

More than 60 Council staff, including CEO Peter Brown, have been trained in the methodology to varying degrees, and structures and processes have been established to ensure the ongoing success of PRINCE2™ within the organisation.

Working with training and consulting company Rational Management, Moreland has taken a proactive approach to adapting PRINCE2™ to its specific needs, and, reflecting Council’s commitment to PRINCE2™, its project management methodology is
now called MP2 (Moreland Prince2). A corporate project office has been established to administer Council projects, and a range of support resources has been developed.

Located on the northern edge of Melbourne’s central business district, the City of Moreland covers an area of 51 square kilometres. Council employs some 1,170 (600 equivalent full time) staff across four departments and 22 branches. It currently has 142 capital and operating projects under way, with an allocated budget of more than $16 million.

“PRINCE2™ has given our work extra discipline to better plan, steer and deliver major activities such as the Central Coburg 2020 project,” said Moreland CEO Peter Brown. “It provides certainty over product delivery.”

For further information contact Christine Doyle at Moreland City Council on (03) 9240 2415 or Peter Whitelaw at Rational Management on 1800 800 436.