Hybrid car to reduce greenhouse gas emissons

Article image - Hybrid car to reduce greenhouse gas emissons

Coffs Harbour City Council has purchased a Honda Civic Hybrid car as part of its ongoing push to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The dual electric/petrol use model is now part of Council’s fleet of approximately 65 vehicles.

Chair of Council’s Corporate Business Committee, Councillor Ian Hogbin, said the hybrid’s performance and fuel consumption are currently being monitored.

“If all goes well, Council will look at purchasing more hybrid vehicles as time goes on,” he said. “This trial is all part of Council’s aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and to continue to take the lead in environmental sustainability.”

Council has noted that the vehicle is using 5.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres when used around town, with an average consumption of 10 litres per 100 kilometres. The City has also purchased two diesel cars, as diesel vehicles have lower greenhouse gas emissions than unleaded petrol cars. A large number of Council’s work vehicles use diesel, but they have not previously been used in the car pool.

Council leases its car fleet to staff, but during the day they are parked in a car pool and made available for work related duties to maximise their usefulness.

For further information contact Wendy Sharpe at Coffs Harbour City Council on (02) 6648 4284.