Water issues online

A free online radio program is highlighting the importance of water, sustainability and the environment. H2oToday is a weekly program featuring the latest developments for water professionals, practitioners and those with an interest in a more sustainable approach to water management.

Supported by water industry recruitment company Axis Direct, it is Australia’s only online radio program featuring news and developments in the water and sustainability sector.

Program Producer and Presenter, Mike Ryan, said water and climate change are paramount right now.

“There is plenty of water to go around, we are just not using it sustainably,” he said. “If something is not done soon, the entire country will be thirsty.”

H2oToday introduces new and exciting facets of the water and sustainability industry with an entertaining, yet informative approach. In only its third month of operation, the program already has some 20,000 listeners. Mike Ryan expects this to more than double in coming months.

“With organisations such as the Australian Water Association, Green Plumbers, and the Water Industry Alliance on board, word is spreading quickly about the good value information we have to offer,” he said. “Listeners can hear informative interviews with people and businesses that impact sustainable industry. We cover a variety of topics including research and development, consultancy, engineering, technology, manufacturing, education, operations and commercial know how. All of these topics are especially relevant in Local Government, as they have an impact on works departments.

“By listening to the show, Local Government practitioners can pick up key tips for improving processes in their Council, or even offer advice to other listeners about innovative programs their Council is running.

“Listeners can also contact H2oToday to receive further information or contact information for stories they may have heard on the program.”

The program can be downloaded each week from the H2O website at www.h2otoday.com.au

For further information on H2oToday, or to contribute story ideas, contact Mike Ryan on (03) 9866 7480.