Invite your local businesses to register, be consulted and have their say

A new website that gives you up to date information about regulation reviews being undertaken across the Australian Government is now available.’s Business Consultation website provides the opportunity for business owners and associations, and those interested in business to be consulted on new or existing regulations that may affect them.

Local Councils interested in Australian Government regulations that may affect their area should register on the website to be consulted. They are also encouraged to invite local businesses to register to be consulted.

When registering, businesses can indicate the regulatory areas that interest them and specify the preferred way they would like to be consulted — either by email, post, phone or in a public forum.

Businesses can also specify the number of times they would like to be consulted.

Australian Government agencies involved in regulation can then take the business preferences into account when approaching them for consultation.

The Business Consultation website also provides details of current Australian Government public consultations. And in the near future, it will provide an archive of past consultations and, if registered, it will send you automatic notifications of upcoming public consultations.

The website has been developed to improve consultation with business and to ensure better access to a range of information and reviews being undertaken across government.

It also provides an opportunity for small business and other stakeholders to become involved in the development of regulations that affect them.

The website will provide government with information that might otherwise not be available, particularly about likely regulation impacts and compliance costs to business.

The Business Consultation website is a new component of — the Australian Government’s award winning online business resource.

For more information about the Business Consultation website, or to register your interest, visit