Comprehensive enterprise compliance, risk and OHS management software*

Distributed Technology System’s QSE IMS is a comprehensive and easy to use quality, safety and environment workplace management system that has a proven record within local Councils and similar organisations.

“Many Councils have inadequate facilities to manage their compliance and safety requirements,” said David Channon, CEO of Distributed Technology System Pty Ltd. “This exposes the organisation and management team to significantly higher risk of being found liable for breaches in compliance, resulting in the associated reduction in productivity and increases in real costs.

“This can be easily addressed by employing our comprehensive QSE IMS software suite as the solution.”

QSE IMS is a high quality system that will provide the necessary management facilities for compliance with established international standards including:

  • Quality Management Standard ISO 9001
  • OHS Management (Safety) Standard ISO 14001
  • Environment Management Standard ISO 4801
  • Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Systems Standard AU/NZ 4360.

QSE IMS has a module architecture that features over 20 (optional) modules to tailor the system for managing all aspects of risk, safety and required business regulations.

The system features a comprehensive Risk Management module that includes complete auditing facility, a first class incident management system, an extensive document management and tracking system, HR, injury management, and features a complete compliance management module.

“QSE IMS is an innovative, enterprise class, technology based product providing a powerful tool for distribution of important information throughout your Council,” David Channon said.

“The architecture is based on proven enterprise class technologies that have been designed for and proven as the best solution for Councils.”

For further information contact David Channon on 0419 623 158 or email

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