Transport planning critical for future needs

For the past six months, Rockhampton City Council and the Queensland Department of Main Roads have been conducting a city wide traffic study looking at the future road infrastructure needs of Rockhampton.

Chair of Council’s Traffic Matters Committee, Councillor Rod Green, said this work was last undertaken in 1990. The findings of that report are now somewhat dated as the city has grown over the last 15 years.

“Recent growth within Rockhampton and surrounding areas has triggered a review of existing plans,” Councillor Green said. “The study will build on work previously undertaken as part of the Capricornia Integrated Regional Transport Plan (CapIRTP).”

The CapIRTP work focused mainly on the Queensland Government road system in Rockhampton. These roads form the backbone of the city’s transport network, but their safety and efficiency and the overall ability of motorists to commute around the city are also heavily influenced by Council’s major traffic carrying roads.

Experienced traffic modellers from ARUP Consulting Engineers in Brisbane are assisting Council with this new study, which is expected to be completed by May.

Using Cube transport modelling software, Council will be able to develop a sophisticated traffic model that closely reflects existing traffic volumes and movements around the city.

It will then project traffic volumes on Council’s major road network as a result of expected population growth.

This will enable the city to identify future pressure points, when they are likely to arise, what an appropriate fix may be and at what cost.

This information will then be fed into Council’s financial planning strategies and capital works programs.

Councillor Green said the traffic model is not the only planning work being undertaken by Council.

“Work has commenced on planning for the future urban areas at Parkhurst, heavy vehicle routes throughout the city and the Norman Road and Moores Creek Road corridor,” he said.

“Planning properly for the future needs of the city is critical and by doing so, Council is looking to provide the residents of Rockhampton with a safe and efficient transport network for now and into the foreseeable future.”

For further information contact Councillor Green on (07) 4927 3088.