Switching off for Earth

Article image - Switching off for Earth

Moreland residents took part in Earth Hour on Saturday 31 March, after Moreland Mayor Mark O’Brien called on the community to do its bit for the planet by reducing greenhouse emissions.

Earth Hour – from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm on 31 March – asks residents to switch off their lights and unnecessary electrical items for one hour, and to stop and think about climate change and how to reduce their impact on the earth through simple changes at home.

While more than 1,000 businesses in Sydney had registered their commitment to Earth Hour one week before the event, Moreland City Council was the first Victorian Local Government to adopt Earth Hour.

“Taking part in Earth Hour will not only have an impact on our emissions but will also send a clear message to policy makers that we want action on climate change,” Councillor O’Brien said. “I support Earth Hour because it compliments our Climate Action Plan 2007–2012.

“The Climate Action Plan is being developed to achieve major greenhouse emission reductions and financial savings through being more efficient with energy and reducing energy consumption.

We want to be carbon neutral and our Community Action Plan will help us get there.”

Moreland City Council has consulted the Moreland community about the Climate Action Plan, which is scheduled to go to Council this month.