Residents provide quality family day care

Article image - Residents provide quality family day care

Moreland City Council coordinates a team of home based child care workers who provide care and educational play in their own homes for babies and children aged up to 12 years.

The Family Day Care service last year achieved national quality assurance (QA) accreditation, with a ‘high quality’ rating for five of the quality areas assessed, and a ‘good quality’ rating for the sixth.

The rigorous preparation for the accreditation included additional training for carers, and the completion of a series of surveys and self studies by carers, families using the service, the service’s coordination unit and the Children’s Services Manager. The process culminated in a week long assessment incorporating home visits to nine of 47 carers, and interviews with staff and management.

Moreland’s nationally accredited service provides a quality child care choice available to any parent or carer who is working, seeking work or studying, requiring time for appointments or respite care, parents or carers of children with special needs, and parents or carers with special needs.

The service offers full time, part time, casual, school holiday, shift work, before/after school, evening, occasional, weekend and overnight care.

In 2005–2006 there were 207 full time funded family day care places