Reporting to meet stakeholder expectations*

Keynote speakers at the 2007 Australasian Reporting Awards Seminar on Reporting will focus on the need for government agencies to improve the way they report on their activities and performance in order to meet the increasing expectations of their various different stakeholders.

Speakers Bob Sendt and David Pendleton have extensive experience in public sector reporting.

Until recently Bob Sendt was NSW Auditor General, a position he held for seven years. Previously he worked in Treasury for 23 years. Bob has a strong interest in improving public sector performance and has been critical of the standard of reporting of public sector agencies and of the lack of a framework for reporting performance.

David Pendleton is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the ABC. The ABC has been a regular entrant in the awards and has received a gold award. As COO David is responsible for the overall operational efficiency of the ABC, including human resources, technology, finance and business services.

The 2007 awards will be announced at the annual awards presentation dinner on Thursday 7 June at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne. The seminar will be held on Friday 8 June. It will address current trends in reporting and include practical sessions that will help participants produce a truly effective report.

An important reason for organisations to enter the awards is to receive constructive feedback on their annual report from an ARA adjudicator.

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* Copy Supplied by ARA