Redland Shire chooses Orion*

Queensland’s Redland Shire Council has undertaken two projects using solar powered lighting. Orion Solar Solutions had previously been appointed as a preferred supplier to Council for supplying marine navigation lights in Council’s waterways in Moreton Bay.

“Council chose to install solar lighting on an existing pathway as a cost competitive pathway lighting option and for its environmental benefit,” said Ingrid Cane, Advisor Capital Projects in Council’s Infrastructure Planning department. “The installation of Orion Solar bollards was easy and there have not been any maintenance issues. Public feedback has been positive saying that the lights are pleasing, both aesthetically and environmentally.

“Orion Solar bollard lights provide security, amenity and vandal resilience while taking into account environmental aspects.”

Council installed ten of Orion’s self contained solar powered bollards to illuminate the pathway through the park. Each bollard contains a Carmanah 601 solar LED light which has been field proven in rugged marine and military environments.

The units were installed in minutes, requiring no trenching for power cables and the lights switch on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. With virtually no maintenance and no running costs, Orion’s bollards are a fraction of the cost of traditional hard wired electrical bollards.

In another project, a GI-100 solar powered LED lighting system was installed to illuminate a public easement between a residential street and a shopping centre. The GI-100 includes a head unit with solar panel, batteries and electronics, interconnected to dual luminaires that can be mounted in a variety of positions. The GI-100 is frequently used to illuminate bus shelters, picnic sites and other outdoor facilities.

As with all of Orion’s solar lights, the GI-100s switch on and off automatically, require little maintenance, incur no running costs and are inexpensive to install. The lights are in use around the world, in many cases in latitudes where they receive only a few hours of sunlight each day.

For further information contact Richard Holliday at Orion Solar on (07) 5559 1666.

* Copy supplied by Orion Solar Pty Ltd