Masterclass explores community change and strategic vision*

The 21st century has brought an onslaught of global change – with issues such as population, natural resources and the environment driving the world into an uncertain future. What is less well understood is how such trends are challenging communities at the local level – and what they can do about it. At least until now…

This June, Community Visioning Australia, a collaboration between Community Perspectives, a Perth based consultancy, and Steven Ames, the Portland, Oregon long range planner, futurist and “architect of public process” known to many Australians, is staging a professional masterclass that promises some answers.

Facilitated by Steven Ames, Community Visioning ­– Building Sustainable Futures through Civic Engagement, will be presented in Perth on 7–8 June and in Brisbane on 14–15 June.

Registrations are now open, with early bird rates offered until 11 May. To register online,

Organiser, Elizabeth Vlok, said that the masterclass will provide a comprehensive introduction and overview of the visioning process as a dynamic new planning tool that can help Australian cities and towns develop and implement strategic visions to better anticipate and plan for change.

As part of the class, Steven Ames will share successful case studies from North America and Australia providing additional information, resources and networking to help local communities stage their own community visioning efforts.

“As an adjunct to traditional planning, visioning offers new ways to promote civic foresight, community engagement, and cross sector collaboration in creating more sustainable futures,” Steven Ames said. “We think this will be a once in a career training event.”

* Copy supplied by Community Perspectives