Major fuel savings at Redland

Over the next three years, Redland Shire Council will replace its fleet of 147 operational vehicles to four cylinder models, saving 26 per cent in fuel consumption and $70,000 in fuel costs per annum.

“The change from six cylinder utilities powered by unleaded petrol to four cylinder diesel powered vehicles will also result in a $5 million saving in our capital works program over a ten year period,” said Redland Shire CEO, Susan Rankin.

“There will be an annual saving of approximately
126 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions, based on the reduced fuel consumption. Council is also standardising the types of vehicles that are used for similar types of operations. Due to the longevity of diesel vehicles, we will now be able to replace them every five years, as opposed to the current term of three years.

“Diesel vehicles are also more fuel efficient than unleaded petrol vehicles.

“The decision to change the operational fleet, which the exception of a couple of specific purpose vehicles, was made following a review to support Council’s environmental and conservation policy objectives.

“This move demonstrates Council’s leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with progressive replacement of vehicles commencing immediately.