Launceston introduces free parking in CBD

Launceston City Council, together with CityProm, is offering two hours free parking in a multi story car park located in its CBD.

Formed in 1988 under an agreement between Council and a group of retailers, CityProm brings together Launceston retailers, professional office occupants and civic authorities to focus on the city centre, keeping it a desirable place to visit.

It organises promotional programs, decorations, publicity, special events, cooperative advertising and other joint ventures that benefit businesses within the city.

The free parking initiative operates between 3.30pm and 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Patrons are not charged for parking between these hours, even if they park before the free period commences.

Launceston’s Deputy Mayor, Jodie Campbell, said retailers are benefiting from shoppers visiting the CBD during quieter times of the day.

“The initiative uses spare capacity in car parks during a quiet time of day to encourage people into the CBD,” she said.

“This is a great opportunity for people to come to the city and not have to worry about watching a parking meter, while also having the shelter of a multi story car park.

“Council and CityProm will continue to work together to increase business activity in Launceston as commerce and an active CDB are key factors in creating a vibrant, liveable city.”