Grader choice a two year project*

Choosing a Volvo grader was a big decision for Leeton Shire Council. In some ways it was a two year process, but the outcome has justified the effort.

A regional location can be a disadvantage when it comes to evaluating new equipment, but Leeton needed a new tractor for road building and maintenance and the Shire staff wanted to make certain they got the best one.

Leeton is the administrative centre of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, 580 kilometres west of Sydney. The Shire has over 900 kilometres of roads to maintain, including 490 kilometres of unsealed roads.

“We looked at a previous model Volvo grader about two years ago, but our operators had some reservations,” Jamie Condie, Leeton Shire Council’s Manager Design and Construction Services said. “When the new G900 series came out last year, we made a point of going to CivEnEx to inspect it thoroughly and to check out graders from other manufacturers.

“What we saw of the new Volvo G930 model and the answers we got from the CJD Volvo people encouraged us to request a demonstration and a chance to compare it with its competitors.”

Jamie Condie and Council’s Plant Superintendent, Graham Henman, organised thorough workouts for their shortlisted graders in a local gravel pit. Council’s plant operators were invited to participate and were given score sheets on which to rate the three machines.

“Our operators were more than happy with the machine,” Jamie Condie said. It met all of our requirements and from Council’s point of view it won out over the competition on the score of value for money.”

Like many owners, Leeton Shire Council relied on CJD Equipment to perform its new grader’s first service and has since performed its own routine maintenance and oil sampling in line with warranty requirements.

“I looked at things such as access for the G930’s day to day maintenance requirements and couldn’t fault it on that score,” Graham Henman said. “Occupational health and safety issues are very important to Council, so we looked at things such as visibility from the cab, ease of exit and from the cabin. We’ve only had the grader since Christmas but the feedback we’ve had has all been good.”

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* Copy supplied by CJD