Free transport in Freo

Article image - Free transport in Freo

In a trial designed to improve bus access to the Fremantle CBD, the FreoStar bus service kicked off in March as a free service to local residents.

The sustainable transport initiative is funded by the City of Fremantle. Two separate routes service residential areas not within easy walking distance of high frequency transport routes. One route will take in the southern parts of Beaconsfield, Hilton and Samson, while the other will service the Gibson Park Precinct and northern White Gum Valley.

Using the City of Fremantle’s existing buses, clearly marked with FreoStar livery, the FreoStar service will operate between 10am and 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

“On trips into the Fremantle CBD, passengers will be picked up from FreoStar bus stops along the two routes,” Fremantle Mayor, Peter Tagliaferri, said. “On return journeys, passengers can hop off at any location along the route, as long as it is safe to do so.”

A timetable/route map has been produced and is being distributed in a local Fremantle newspaper to all households near the two routes.

“Passenger numbers will be monitored and feedback sought from users, enabling us to review the effectiveness of the service after an initial six month trial period,” Mayor Tagliaferri said. “This has always been a long term strategy for the City of Fremantle, given it was first mooted back in 1997.

“FreoStar will provide residents with an alternative to travelling in their private cars and aims to encourage people from the suburbs back into the Fremantle CBD, helping to stimulate the local economy.”

For further information contact David Nicholson, Fremantle’s Transport Planning and Traffic Coordinator, on (08) 9432 9834 or email