Devonport: the city with Spirit. Thinking about a sea change?

Devonport City Council’s strong sense of community spirit and its belief that all residents have the right to feel safe and secure, paves the way for progressive community based initiatives.

The Lighthouse – Can Do Will Do Project is one of the major achievements of Devonport Community Safety Liaison Group, which is facilitated by Council.

The project is Federally funded through the National Community Crime Prevention Program.

It has resulted in $500,000 being injected into resources aimed at early intervention and youth services and will have wide reaching benefits for the whole community.

Programs within the Lighthouse Project will focus on improving education, training and employment futures for local youth.

It will target people who have struggled with traditional learning styles or have found themselves in the youth justice system.

The programs are supported by local role models and mentors who endeavour to provide the opportunity for the development of positive relationships, self esteem and personal self worth.

The project enables stakeholders to work together in close partnership, therefore enhancing the way programs are delivered to young people.

Council’s The Zone Youth Centre delivers the majority of these programs.

A literacy hub will be established at the Zone, which will aid aspects of learning and access to information and technology.

Many of the programs and activities target children as early as nine years old through to 18 years of age.

They are designed to provide the opportunity for young people to be positive contributors to the community they live in, and a chance to bring out their best and shine.


Premier jazz weekend

Part of Devonport City Council’s vision is for the city to develop as the social and cultural hub of the North Coast of Tasmania. Thanks to Council’s Events team, it is well on its way.

Devonport now hosts a number of quality events drawing patrons from far and wide.

The Devonport Jazz Weekend is fast becoming the premier jazz festival in Tasmania. Over 300 artists perform 29 concerts in 17 different venues to over 4,000 eager festival goers.

The event attracts many well known jazz musicians from around Tasmania and the mainland, many of whom are repeat performers.

Held in the last weekend in July, Devonport Jazz is a living, breathing festival, which is evolving into a magnificent platform for professional musicians and up and coming artists.

To showcase the city as well as the music, events are held at various venues and at various times.

Visitors and residents can enjoy a bit of jazz with their breakfast, or indulge in an evening of dinner and jazz.

Whatever the time, whatever the day, the program for the festival ensures that anyone who wants the opportunity to experience some jazz has that opportunity.